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Pattie has outstanding communication skills and made us feel informed at all times. She was so friendly, yet to the point. It was a smooth transaction and Pattie is the best realtor we've EVER had. She excels at her job! 5 stars!! Jon & Kara McMachey
Pattie was fast and efficient, and what stood out to us was the speed of our transaction and her assistance through it all. Ephrem and Ephariel Peacemaker
We were a "repeat" customer with Pattie - she's the best realtor we have ever known. Pattie knows the real estate business - we knew she would cover all the "ins" and "outs" of our transaction. All of our dealings were covered quickly and efficiently. Everything was handled excellently. What stands out most in our minds is the ease and the assurance that our transaction would be handled professionally and efficiently. Jack & Terrill Smith
We chose to work with Pattie because she is great at her job! We liked all aspects of working with Pattie - she is very friendly and professional. Kevin & Cheryl Buehner
We made a friend in Pattie! What we liked best about working with Pattie is her knowledge of the area. She always took care of everything! Pattie Rocks! Callahan
Pattie is our first friend in Spearfish. We trust her and her knowledge of the area. Pattie makes it easy to buy property. She goes the extra mile to get the deals done. What stands out most in our minds is how much work Pattie did after our offer was accepted. She is very efficient! Vicki & C.J. Callahan
We know Pattie from church and we like her positive "can do" attitude and her honesty. She was always there to answer our questions, and everyone in the office was helpful. What stands out most in our minds is the speed at which things were done and the completeness of getting them done. John & Karleen Dagit
We chose to work with Pattie because she was highly recommended by the relocation agent at the VA. What we liked best about working with Pattie is that she had a working knowledge of the VA Loan process. She worked double time! Thanks Pattie! C.J. & Vicki Callahan
Pattie was very easy to get in touch with. She quickly answered all of our questions and was very thorough too! What stands out most in our minds is Pattie's follow through. Everything was great! Casey & Danielle McKenzie
Pattie is a friendly and competent agent. She was well educated on all aspects, from transfers to deposit of funds. Pattie did a great job! We will use her again. Bryce & Lanna Christensen
Our favorite thing about working with Pattie is her professionalism. She truly cares about her clients and their real estate needs. We would definitely recommend Pattie to all of our friends and family for their real estate needs! Kevin and Cheryl Buehner
Our favorite thing about working with Pattie is her professionalism. She truly cares about her clients and their real estate needs. We would definitely recommend Pattie to all of our friends and family! Kevin and Cheryl Buehner
We chose to work with Pattie because she is the one who sold us the house 10 years ago! She is profession, knowledgeable, and helped us through the whole process. She offers much higher quality of service and genuinely cared about our needs. Doc & De Saulsbury
What I liked best about working with Pattie was the customer/agent relationship. What stands out most in my mind is the attention I received from my agent. Anonymous
Pattie was very efficient at her job and returned all of our calls quickly and with answers. We choose to work with Pattie because of past meetings and because of her good references. She was knowledgeable, professional and helped us through the whole process! Tim Fortner
What stands out most in my mind is that Pattie was willing to show houses a second or third time. And there was no high pressure sales tactic! I am totally satisfied with my experience! JULIE HIEB
What we liked best about working with Pattie is that she got back to us right away with all communications. What stands out most in our minds is that we got the house we wanted! Erik Olsby & Nicole Roberts
Pattie was proactive in following up with me and offered to represent us. No one else did this! Pattie was warm, friendly, helpful, empathetic and sympathetic. Also, her professionalism was evident in all areas. We were VERY pleased with the entire experience. I never worried about the transaction on this end because I knew Pattie had it covered from START TO FINISH. Pamela Browning
We chose to work with Pattie because she is amazing. What we liked best about working with her is how easy she made our transaction. Pattie was very professional - she really went above and beyond. Jason Chipman & Christi Clauser
Working with Pattie made selling our house very easy. She was always accessible to us and always had the answers to our questions. She goes the extra mile for her clients. Pattie greeted every challenge with a smile. she is very friendly and willing to help with anything. We would recommend Pattie to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home! Jason and Julie Peldo
“Pattie was professional, patient, and worked to help us find a home in or price range in a location we liked.” Dave and Karen Holzer
“Pattie Parrett is the hardest working Realtor we have ever met! She is definitely one of the finest Realtors that Spearfish has to offer. Available close to 24/7, Pattie’s willingness and promptness in responding to phone calls, emails and text messages has been truly commendable. Pattie’s knowledge of the housing market in general, as well as the actual real estate situation in Spearfish, proved to be invaluable in helping us determine when to sell, and at what listing price. We cannot praise Pattie Parrett highly enough!” Jayne and Dave Brenneisen
“With the help of our fantastic Realtor, Pattie Parrett, we were able to find the perfect home we were looking for in the Black Hills, SD area. She made looking for properties both fun and educational. Pattie took the time to get to know us, our likes & dislikes, and made every effort to find that ‘just right property.’ Pattie’s energetic and friendly personality truly made our house hunting a wonderful experience. she always went the extra mile to answer all of our questions in a very timely manner. Her knowledge & experience was second to none & was very instrumental in our successful endeavor. Pattie was there every step of the way in getting us through the offer & banking process. We highly recommend Pattie if you are looking for a Realtor. She will make your experience a positive one and be assured that she will put your best interests first.” Bonnie and Doug Kostelecky
“We have a beautiful, beautiful home that we absolutely love and there is only one reason – because we chose Pattie Parrett as our Realtor. The negotiations for our home were long and complex, but Pattie was there every step of the way, holding our hands and giving us support, advice and encouragement. Pattie expertly handled every one of the obstacles that seemed to pop up, and there were many. We have never had, or ever heard of a Realtor that worked as hard for her clients as Pattie did for us. She did an outstanding job. Without Pattie, we are absolutely certain we would not have our wonderful home today. We cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work and for her friendship. For anyone seeking that special property in Spearfish, we have but one suggestion: Have Pattie on your team! She is the best guarantee we know of to get that special home of your dreams.” Jack and Terri Smith
“Pattie Parrett provided excellent service throughout my selling and buying transactions. From our initial contact, her advice and suggestions were thoughtful and helpful. Whenever I had a question, Pattie responded quickly with an answer. Her advice let to an amazing real estate transaction. In fact, I received a full price offer the very first day that turned into a problem-free sale. As a real estate agent, Pattie went above and beyond in her service.” Corinne Hansen
“While recently relocating to Spearfish, we quickly discovered how challenging the real estate market is here (low inventory.) Pattie went “above and beyond” in helping us locate possible options in our price range. She understood our needs, listened to our desires and preferences, and worked incredibly hard to help us find a place to call “home.” Pattie’s openness in communication, her gracious availability and her infinite patience with us made working with her a joy. Hey . . . house hunting should be fun! With Pattie, it certainly was! Thanks, Pattie :)” Stephan and Laura Sandness
“We have dealt with at least 6 different Realtors, buying and selling homes throughout the years. By far, Pattie Parrett with Prudential Kahler Realtors was THE BEST! I think one of the things that impressed us the most was how accessible she was. If she missed our call she always returned our call ASAP which was usually within the hour, and trust me, we called her a lot! Our home sold in 3 days which left us scrambling for a place to live. There were very few townhomes on the market and Pattie went above and beyond trying to find us a place. She helped us find a place to rent, since we still had not found anything when it was time to move. She then opened us up to the idea of building, found us a great lot, and a great builder. We highly recommend Pattie to anyone who is thinking of buying, selling or both. She is honest, trustworthy and dedicated to her clients.” Dave and Carol Enderle
Pattie, Thank you for helping us with the sale of our home. Your experience and market knowledge helped us properly price our home and put together a quick sale. Thank you for making yourself available at all times to handle questions and concerns. Having a professional like Pattie on our side during our real estate transaction made all the difference! In a tight market, it’s great to have the best on your side. Chad and Lisa Harley
In the spring of 2007 I was referred to Pattie Parrett, a person, I was told, who could assist me to locate a home to buy in the Spearfish, SD area. From my out of state home town I called Ms. Parrett, and carefully outlined my expectations for a home. Pattie listened carefully to what I provided and in a few weeks she began to communicate with me about properties that my family and I could visit upon our return to Spearfish. There are several things Ms. Parrett folded together for my family and me. One was a list of properties which were for sale that fell within our expressed needs. Shortly thereafter, my family and I returned to Spearfish to look at homes that Ms. Parrett selected for us to visit. Since we did not find a home to purchase we discussed several options. The first was a building site, the second was a suitable home in which to live while building and, finally, assistance to off load personal belongings that could taken to the rental home prior to our arrival, rather than put in storage. Throughout this process, Pattie was always available to us and provided unwavering assistance to help us weave together the strands of our move and settlement in Spearfish prior to starting new positions and the purchase of a lot on which to build. Again, Ms. Parrett selected vacant land for us to visit upon establishing residency in Spearfish. It is noteworthy to mention that Ms. Parrett was the primary arbitrator in the price paid for our building site, and was a frequent visitor during our home's construction. Throughout the past 9 years Ms. Parrett has become a family friend. We've visit during Community events, Chamber of Commerce functions and have maintained not only a professional relationship, but developed a social one as well. The reasons my family and I have remained steadfast with Pattie, to assist us with our real estate interests and to serve us as a consultant are due to her transparency, which is a reflection of her honesty and truthfulness; her steadfast willingness to go way beyond the extra mile, when needed; and, to acquire and provide us with useful and valued information, so that we could make the best informed decision about our future in Spearfish. She assisted us with the fulfillment our desires that would not only reflect a good business transaction, but help us find a great place to live as well. Ms. Parrett works hard. To make a statement like this takes absolutely no effort, but to actualize or operationalize this concept takes a lot of work - and at times, night hours work! Ms. Parrett delivers what you ask for, and provides even more for consideration. Pattie worked, tirelessly, for our family so that we could transition to Spearfish with minimum discomfort, from our first phone call to the purchase of the property, to 8 years later when we listed our home with her as we transition toward retirement. She serves us as our personal and private real estate representative and consultant. Ms. Parrett conducts her professional practice in a way that provides other realtors, throughout our area and beyond, with an example of what it means to be client focused and successful. The word, successful, as used here beckons description: not only is Ms. Parrett successful in terms of selling property, there is no doubt about that; however for us, her success is more importantly measured by the trustworthy relationship she forged with us, grounded on her steadfast truthfulness, personal integrity, honesty and character as a person. It is an honor to be asked to write about another person, especially when the words one uses may be connected to the future of that person. As I write these words, I find it is easy to say, that the relationship my family and I have developed with Pattie serves as an example of the best that people can give one another - that is: truth, trust, honesty, smart thinking and smart decisions, because this is what you get when you ask Pattie Parret to serve you, not only when you purchase property but when you sell as well. Ms. Parrett knows the real estate business, and it is such a person who allows one to make excellent decisions in the here and now and future. Dr. James Slate Fleming
“We cannot say enough about how helpful Pattie was throughout our home search process. She was absolutely tireless and patient in showing us a large number of homes until we found the house that was just what we were looking for. One of the things we most appreciated was the way she took time to carefully listen to what we were looking for and then persisting until we located the place that was exactly what met our needs. Throughout the process, she was absolutely tireless and completely professional. We never got the sense that we were being rushed or directed to just “buy something” to finish the process. She did a great job of keeping things moving while giving us the time and space we needed to think about this important decision. Perhaps most important, Pattie knows the community very well and was able, through her personal and professional connections, to locate possibilities that were not yet on the market. In fact, she was able to find exactly what we were looking for in a home that was not yet listed for sale. She was able to accomplish this in a manner that was both discreet and very professional. We could not be more pleased. Finally, once our offer was accepted by the seller, we found Pattie to be very thorough with the mountain of details involved in getting ready for closing. Throughout the process, it was clear that she was our advocate and that she was committed to things going smoothly. We are pleased to recommend Pattie Parrett without reservation and would definitely use her services again should we ever look for another property. In summary, Pattie is persistent, professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and personable.” Rod and Marvis Custer
“Pattie Parrett is a very professional realtor. She worked dilligently on our listing and kept us informed of any activity on the listing. She is friendly, thorough and competent. We would recommend her to others wishing to sell their home for all the above reasons.” Bob and Carolyn Greenfield
“Pattie is so wonderful! She was always very patient with us and was always available when we needed her. She would go out of her way to help us and make us happy!” Robert and Angie Albonico
“A friend of Pattie’s introduced us to her. Pattie is very patient and showed us a few houses. As we chose the house we purchased, Pattie was very clear about all the details of purchasing a home. Pattie called us on updates of any changes. We are very happy and Pattie would be a realtor we would recommend to anyone.” Marvin and Helen Friedt
“The first thing people ought to know is that Pattie is fundamentally a good person and treats people well. She is also very professional, knows the real estate business and is committed to representing her client as best as she can. Pattie is a good communicator both when visiting with her and also keeping you informed about the market through timely emails. She knows the real estate market very well and knows how to price your house to get it sold within the timetable that is established. Pattie has the knowledge to help get your house ready to be sold and if needed has the resources to bring advisors to assist. We were extremely pleased with her performance and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to buy or sell a home.” Bill and Carol Coburn
“We have bought or sold five houses in the past ten years through real estate agents, and Pattie Parrett is by far the most professional realtor we have ever worked with. Buying a house in South Dakota while you are living in North Carolina is not easy, and thanks to Pattie the entire experience was as smooth and worry-free as it possibly could have been. She gave us excellent advice but always listened carefully to our preferences and carried through very efficiently on the decisions we made. She looked out for our interests at all times, and she was a strong advocate in the course of occasionally difficult negotiations with the seller’s agent. She was in constant communication with us by phone and by e-mail, and we felt comfortable that we knew exactly what was going on at every step of the way. She performed several services that were above and beyond the call of duty, including finding us a lawn care service, looking out for job opportunities for my wife, and negotiating with our renter. She never lost her sense of humor, and she did a very god job of keeping us from losing ours. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a thoroughly professional, friendly, and hard-working realtor." David Haney
“Pattie is a very personable and conscientious realtor. She is knowledgeable about her market and knows what she is doing. She sold my home quickly. I also appreciated Pattie’s willingness to help me with whatever was necessary to make the transition regarding the selling of my home as painless as possible. Her concern is for her client. That is very refreshing in this day and age. I would have no problem recommending Pattie to anyone who is looking to sell or buy. She will go the extra mile for you. That is definitely a good thing. Good job, Pattie. Thank you.” Cheryl Brewer
“Pattie truly made our home-buying experience enjoyable and easy. Her outstanding knowledge of the local real estate market and her utmost professionalism makes her the top choice as a Northern Hills Realtor. Not only was she patient and understanding in the home-buying process, she helped us “jump” into the Spearfish life. Pattie was on top of every detail and kept us updated on everything. We love our new home, and would recommend Pattie to everyone! She is dedicated, passionate about her business, and we now consider her a good friend." Todd and Jeanne Sands
“Pattie is the hardest working realtor we’ve ever worked with. She does not let anything fall through the cracks when it comes to the sale of your home. Pattie is very detail oriented, well-spoken and knows real estate! Pattie’s profound sense for superb customer service makes her stand out from the rest! Pattie sold our home in less than 60 days after months of being on the market with another agency. She can do the same for you!” Sean and Christina Karrels
“We wish to thank Pattie Parrett for the wonderful job she did selling our house. She was very efficient in marketing the house, very understanding and responsive to our needs and concerns, and very quick to find us a buyer. We sold our house at the highest price possible at the market time…which turned out to be higher than some other agents quoted. Pattie was always available regardless of the time or day. She was always responsive and always very positive and considerate. She did a great job of streamlining the selling process. We are thankful that we chose her to sell our house, and would highly recommend her to other prospective sellers. Pattie was truly a pleasure to work with.” David and Kathryn LaConte
“Pattie Parrett was wonderful to work with during the transaction of selling our home. Because I have known Pattie for several years having had her children as students in my classroom, I knew she would work hard to do the best job she could for us. And . . . she did! Craig and I found Pattie to be confident in her abilities in addition to being considerate of our needs. She was always very organized and reliable during our business dealings. We believe the selling of our home was a smooth process because of Pattie’s expertise in working with people. She has a friendly, calm demeanor which enables her to work well with others. It’s obvious she wants to do what she can to provide the best service possible for her clientele. We were very pleased with Pattie’s attention to details, her focus on our requests, and the timely manner in which she handled the selling of our home. We would work with her again, without a doubt!” Craig and Mary Cooper
“We found Pattie to be exactly what we had been looking for in a real estate professional . . . We experienced many positives in dealing with Pattie. She was honest. If she didn’t know the answer she told us, and then got the answer, most times from the cell phone while we were standing on the property. During our initial meeting she was more prepared than we could have hoped for. She had not only property information but also good information on the area . . . She was patient in the process. She showed the type of properties we wanted to see. She seemed very connected in the real estate area. We saw many properties that were not yet listed . . . Rather than go back and forth to the hotel, she insisted that we bring our dog along for the second half of the showings. That in itself makes her a rare find. Obviously we could go on and on saying good things about her but the bottom line is your search and purchasing process deserves Pattie Parrett for property in the Black Hills.” Mike and Connie Larson
“We recently purchased a home in Spearfish, SD . . . Buying a new home always creates some difficulties and anxiety especially when you are 500 miles away. We have never been to Spearfish and knew no one there. How extremely fortunate we were to meet Pattie in the first real estate office we entered. She showed us numerous homes in the area spending a great deal of time with us. We really liked a house which was in the final stage of construction. Pattie was not only friendly and thorough but also guided us through the negotiation process to closing. Pattie kept an eye on the place to ensure everything was completed correctly and to our wishes, since we could not be there to monitor that phase. We could not have selected a better real estate agent if we tried. Lady luck was smiling on us the day we met Pattie. We have become good friends and will remain so. We highly recommend Pattie as the best in her field.” James and De Saulsbury
Pattie sold our house in 2014 and went above and beyond typical duties at that time. This is why we chose to work with her again. We trusted Pattie's judgment on the market, and she was a great advocate while we were out of state. Dave Bressler
We chose to work with Pattie because of her reputation, good work (previously), trustworthiness and that fact that she cares about her clients. What we liked best about Pattie is that she kept us informed. Rod & Marvis Custer
Pattie helped us sell a townhouse before this one. My overall impression of Pattie is excellent! Jayne Brenneisen
What stands out most in our mind is Pattie's time commitment. Pattie accommodated us no matter how busy she was. Bruce & Jeanne H.
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Pattie Parrett
Real Estate Center of Spearfish
140 W. Jackson Blvd.
Spearfish, SD 57783
Cell: 605-645-1809
Email: pparrett@rushmore.com

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